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Book Recommendations

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The short bibliography presented here contains just a few of the basic references used by structural engineers on every day calculations.  

See at the end of the page links for online consulting.

Analysis and Design of Flight Vehicle Structures (with Appendix A)

E. F. Bruhn

ISBN-10: 0961523409                    ISBN-13: 978-0961523404

Airframe Structural Design

Michael C. Y. Niu

ISBN-10: 9627128090                    ISBN-13: 978-9627128090

Airframe Stress Analysis and Sizing

Michael C. Y. Niu

ISBN-10: 9627128082                    ISBN-13: 978-9627128083

Composite Airframe Structures – Pratical Design Information and Data

Michael C. Y. Niu

ISBN-10: 9627128066                    ISBN-13: 978-9627128069

Formulas for Stress and Strain

Raymond J. Roark

ISBN-10: 007072542X                    ISBN-13: 978-0070725423

Theory of Elastic Stability

Stephen P. Timoshenko and James M. Gere

ISBN-10: 0486472078                    ISBN-13: 978-0486472072

Peterson’s Stress Concentration Factors

Walter D. Pilkey 

ISBN-10: 0470048247                    ISBN-13: 978-0470048245

The Practical Use of Fracture Mechanics

D. Broek

ISBN-10: 0792302230                    ISBN-13: 978-0792302230 

Mechanical Vibrations

J. P. Den Hartog

ISBN-10: 0486647854                   ISBN-13: 978-0486647852

Dynamics of Structures

Raymond W. Clough and Joseph Penzien

ISBN-10: 0070113920                    ISBN-13: 978-0070113923

Principles of Aeroelasticity

Raymond L. Bisplinghoff and Holt Ashley

ISBN-10: 0486613496                    ISBN-13: 978-0486613499


Raymond L. Bisplinghoff, Holt Ashley and Robert L. Halfman

ISBN: 978-0-486-69189-3                  ISBN-10: 0-486-69189-6

An Introduction to the Theory of Aeroelasticity

Y C Fung

ISBN-10: 0486495051                    ISBN-13: 978-0486495057

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