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PC Utilities

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PC Utilities

The PC utilities here are all freeware and available for instant download. The selection is of a few extremely useful PC tools that we recommend for:

•· dealing with report files:
PrimoPDF and Adolix Split &Merge PDF

•· working with input and output Finite Element files or programming
Crimson Editor

•· giving / receiving remote support or exchanging files between computer

•· having the computer running better, minimizing crashes and freezes
Advanced System Care

•· writing reports with pictures and data direct from the screen
ScreenHunter 5

Adolix Split & Merge PDF – This tool allows the user to split a large PDF file in small ones, witch can be easily transmitted and merged again in the original file. The free version presents all features necessary for normal use. The professional version can handle larger files and the license has an affordable price for normal persons, not a license cost that only corporations can afford.

Advanced System Care – Remove spyware, speed up system, clean registry, defragment hard drives and many other utilities (computer shut down at selected time, file shredder, disk cleaner, etc). The freeware version has the basic functions for a normal user.

Crimson Editor is a code editor for Windows, extremely useful when working with finite element files. It is a precious tool for engineering applications, with the capability of block copy and paste. The program is fast in loading, small in size and presents many advanced features for programming languages such as FORTRAN, HTML, C/C++, Java, etc.

TeamViewer – Connect your PC to any PC or server around the world in a few seconds. You can remote control another PC or have your machine accessed by a support person. File transfer between two PCs is done without the need of any special cable. The software is fully operational and freeware for nom commercial use.

PrimoPDF – Easy to use, converts to PDF any printable file. Reduces the size of the file, making it faster for transmission. The free version works for all every day needs. There is also a professional version with more capabilities. Freeware.

ScreenHunter 5 Free - A completely free screen capture software for taking screenshots. Essential in report writing, this program works better than “print screen”. It is free for personal use.

Setup files are for Windows operational system. For other operational systems please download the installer from the developer’s site. All logos and names with copyright are property of the respective owners. In case of any restriction, please, contact the site for immediate removal.

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