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Part of everyday calculations, engineering spreadsheets are used not only for calculations but also for generating data, tables and charts for reports and so on.

All engineers develop spreadsheets as a work is in course. What happens later, when a calculation has to be done again or the same type of calculation is necessary for other part or design? In most cases it is easier to make the spreadsheet again, from scratch, than to find out where is the file, what are the fields to input data, what macro does what, what is linked to what?

Just a few of us make spreadsheets that can be immediately used by another engineer without personal instructions. Tight schedules, important milestones and other factors drive the engineer to provide the solutions and not on having tools for other occasions

EngineersToolKit has worked in some engineering spreadsheets, that can be downloaded and used by any engineer familiar with the subject. Some material is provided by links to other sites.

stress_transf_vmises_princ_etk20101013.xls (727 KB)
Transforms stresses in a coordinate system to other system for 2D stress field. Calculates also the Von Mises equivalent stress, the principal stresses and the rotation of the principal axis. An example is included.

neuber_plasticity_correction_ etk20110125.xls (1,238 KB)
Calculates the stress value (for stresses above the material allowable) considering the Neuber method for plasticity correction. A short description of the use and limitations of the method are also included, as an example of use.

cbush_properties_etk20110701 (73 KB)
Small, simple and very useful spreadsheet for calculating properties (PBUSH) for CBUSH elements on NASTRAN finite element models. Calculation Based on theory from Niu, “Airframe Structural Design”.

Spreadsheets from Abbott Aerospace
Spreadsheets for beam analysis, section properties, bolted connections, bolt group analysis, lugs under oblique loads, buckling of panels, crippling, many composites calculations and much more.

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