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Unit Conversion

Unit conversion

Unit conversions are used frequently. Material properties, velocity, mass, acceleration, etc, can be presented in different units, depending on the data source. Except for a few values that the engineer is familiar, there is always the question: What is the conversion factor for this transformation?

For downloading and installing on your computer there are many free programs available. The Free Unit Converter – 2.11 (from Unit Conversion Inc.- that you can download by clicking the link which takes you to Artur Bove’s Engineer Toolkit Site – ) is very easy to use, presents many significant digits and shows on the right of the window a table of the unit you are converting in all possible units used in different countries (an extra that we have not seen in other converters we have used before). Click on the icon for download.

If you do not want to install more programs on your computer, unit conversions can be also done online.

The following sites can be accessed:

A confusion on units resulted in the failure of an axle of a roller coaster train at the Tokyo Disneyland’s Space Mountain in 2004, causing it to derail. The part was of wrong size due to a conversion from English units to Metric units.

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