MORSON|June 20, 2014 2:19 pm

Discover the World in Oil and Gas: Perth #9

Laid-back Perth has it all – but does it grab you?Perth is an easy-to-live-with place. It’s sophisticated, cosmopolitan, and some of Australia’s best coastline. It feels a little like Bali, even if it’s the Australian city that’s furthest away. Perth is growing, too, thanks to Western Australia’s mining boom. You could be right at the heart of this glistening city’s prospects.

Perth’s perfectly manicured parklands, nearby Outback, and river and ocean beaches – together with a good public transport system – enable you to spread out and enjoy what’s on offer. So it rarely feels crowded. This is a feel-good place, so if you’re lucky enough to be working out here and find some free time, make sure you get out and explore.

Download our handy guide for some of Perth’s best highlights


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