MORSON|June 20, 2014 2:21 pm

Discover the World in Oil and Gas: Sydney #10

All but the official capital of Australia – make sure you explore Sydney

If working in oil and gas takes you to Australia, then Morson candidates will be typically well placed to discover one of two of Australia’s great cities, Perth and Sydney.

Sydney may not be the capital, but it feels like it is. From the great Harbour Bridge and the waterfront opera house, to downtown and its coastal suburbs, Sydney encapsulates everything that is good about Australia.

Compared to its sister cities, Sydney is loud, uncompromising and in-your-face. Everything here is bigger, louder and more extravagant. The nightlife is huge, sport is even bigger, and if you love nature you’re in for a treat – don’t be surprised to find possums climbing drainpipes or clouds of flying foxes heading across the city skies!

For the great and the good about Sydney, download our handy guide now.


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Infographic for things to do in Sydney

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