Romax Technology to release upgraded version of system design softwareRomaxDESIGNER

Over the last two years Romax Technology has been focused on upgrading and releasing products to meet market demands and give customers some of the most advanced engineering and technology solutions available in the market. In developing its existing solutions, Romax will be launching a new upgraded version of RomaxDESIGNER this summer.

RomaxDESIGNER is a wolrd-leading gear, driveline and bearing system design software for ground vehicles, the latest in the suite of its virtual products which enable a development and simulation environment for the design, analysis and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) exploration of the complete transmission—gearboxes, bearings, drivetrains and all components.RomaxDESIGNER can significantly reduce the number and length of design cycles by considering all system effects in just one transmission model, from the initial concept stages, component lives are calculated providing a fast and efficient method for system development.

The newest functionality to be incorporated in the upgraded software is customised reporting as well as the ability to design planetary gears. Users will now be able to design reports using a flexible drag and drop report builder and will also have limitless flexibility to create custom reports. Report designs can be saved as reusable and sharable templates, and the solution now also allows intelligent grouping, filtering and formatting of data. These features have been incorporated into the new version of RomaxDESIGNER to save time and further reduce errors during the design process by limiting the amount of cutting and pasting of information clients have to do to generate results. To find out more about RomaxDESIGNER please click here.

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